Meet Maties MTB champion: Mariske Strauss

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Meet Maties MTB champion: Mariske Strauss

Maties recently won the USSA mountain bike championships in Potchefstroom.
Strauss, who recently returned from Switzerland, where she competed in the MTB World Cup, will be representing Maties in the Varsity Sports Mountain Bike competition, which will form part of the inaugural Varsity MTB Challenge on 1 and 2 October. Varsity Sports caught up with Strauss for a quick Q and A.

Where were you born?
I was born in Cape Town.

What are you currently studying?
In the final stretch of my BSc Sport Science degree.

When did you start riding competitively?
From the young age of ten, which was about the same time I learnt to ride a bike.

What is your single most memorable cycling moment?
Winning the USA collegiate cyclocross champs in 2012.

Podium position for Strauss

What other pastimes do you have?
There are so many things that I would like to do, but those rare occasions when I do get time away from my mountain bike, I spend with loved ones. I also play a few musical instruments – piano, guitar and the flute.

What do you think makes the Varsity MTB Challenge unique compared to other races?
It’s a special event where the sport is promoted differently and with all the fun race day activities planned I think it will be great event. And you get to compete on behalf of your university against other universities, which will create an atmosphere of healthy rivalry.

Do you have a mountain biking idol? Somebody who inspires you?
It has to be my dad; he was the one who introduced me to the cycling world. He was the one who taught me the fundamentals of riding.

What’s your favourite mountain trail?
I love my home trails. The Tygerberg MTB club has made our region’s trails every mountain biker’s dream.
Not familiar with Tygerberg’s MTB trails? Have a look here

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